Brother Sal’s Sunday Gathering 3/16/2014

Today Tony and I had a great conversation about John Kerry’s plan for the permanent division of Jerusalem and the Mideast peace. It is very interesting, worth hearing, and I’m sure you will really enjoy it.

Also, as I mentioned at the end of our show today, we appreciate your support of this Ministry. Especially when a need arises that helps us to keep doing the work for Christ.

Right now, our van needs tires very badly. Where the rubber meets the road, we have no rubber, only steel belts! We can not put off getting some tires New or used, the still cost money. So, if you find the Lord tapping you on the shoulder for this one, we’d sure be grateful if you could help. We know you will if you can. We are faithing on that.

Thank you all in advance. Just use the Frankincense offering button on Daniel’s Glasses. With your help we’ll be rolling on rubber again in no time!

God bless you all,

Brother Sal

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