King of Jordan warns against extremism

King Abdullah II public domianThis week the King of Jordan met with parliament members, warning against extremism. According to reports, the King stressed how extremism is going on in Zionism and in Islam. He expressed that this would lead to undermining the peace efforts  with Israel.

He predicted that the war against terror will last from 10 to 15 years. His foreign minister talked about Israeli violations.


Also the King in another news article warned Israel not to seek Jewish prayer on Temple Mount. Remember that he is the custodian of The Holy shrines. There is bill that the Knesset is trying to pass to permit Jewish prayer on Temple Mount.

Of course this a big hot button. Again the warning to stop as it will thwart the Israeli peace process. Basically in my opinion this is just some stalling tactics. The King is gaining international political support. It’s a sign to me of how this forced peace comes to pass.

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