Syrian Army Leaders Slaughtered ISIS

imageBreaking News, city of Idlib was almost captured by ISIS. According to reports  IS stormed the city last night, capturing the governor’s office. Many Syrian officers were beheaded.

Assad and his army  almost lost the City of Idlib, to ISIS. By the time his battalion, was sent to take back the city, and the new governor’s office, they had lost over 70 soldiers. ISIS still has control of  Raqqa.  Idlib is between the cities of Aleppo, and Latakia.


Assad still has power and control over Aleppo and Latakia. If ISiS had been successful, and taken Idlib which is between these two cities, it might have uprooted Assad. As it turns out, his troops made it in time, to recapture Idlib, and the governor’s building.

From this report, we can see, that ISIS took out, the regime, and weakened them. The troops, fought to hold on by the skin of their teeth. It was quite a struggle to hold onto a strategic city. It looks like this was a well planned attack. Their mission, is too uproot Asasad and his government. I believe after they take him out, they may move to uproot Iran.

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