Jeremiah & The Almond Tree

Almond Tree Flowering

Jeremiah 1:11 sees the rod of the Almond Tree.

He sees the tree with bright pink blossoms and green leaves, A symbol of an early spring rising, out of dreary winter. A hopeful sign. The tree is evergreen, something beautiful to see from your window.

The word used is a Hebrew word (shâkêd) meaning wakening one, or to be wakeful. Also known as a Watcher Tree that hastens to wake, as in prophecy, for Jeremiah.

It also means that which is awakening to bear fruit, while other trees are still in a winter sleep. It’s the first tree to wake from winter. Blossoms with a pink flower in January. The fruit comes in early spring.

The fruit your looking for is the first rising of the fruit from that tree, at a particular time Early Spring. This Flowering is a sign that it will bear fruit in the first spring. He said his word of promise on prophecy would come to pass and bear fruit. He is telling him the time to watch for.

We are awake as the church Philadelphia and we see the bud flowering of prophecy before our eyes today. We are just waiting for the first rising of that fruit. Paul reassured the people about those in Christ who died, that would see them again, and be joined with them when they rose with Christ. The first rising of the fruit in Christ. A symbol of joy and comfort for us. That’s why this tree is different, it’s enlivened, evergreen, during a dark world. This tree is alive. In Christ, we are enlivened.

In Jeremiah the Lord tells him, that he will hasten the promise to be full filled. This wakeful tree, a watcher tree, while the other trees are still sleeping through winter, it’s awake and watching.Paul, tells us to watch, not to be asleep.

Greek words Paul uses (gray-gor-yoo’-o) constant vigilant action of being alert, watchful. We are to be watchful for the coming of our Lord, and he tells us to wake up the sleepy ones,warn watch for the Lord and to comfort one another, with these words.

The other word Paul uses is aorist, meaning to be aroused from sleep and awakened. We were aroused from sleep, while others are still asleep. Give comfort to those in faith, about the Lord, his return, and the peace he gives in a storm. Beautiful picture for us to see. This tree right now is in the blossoming stage about to sprout.

God bless you in Christ



  1. Thank you. This has beautifully complimented my study of Jeremiah.

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