Days Of Noah :The Falling Away

imageDue to the time we are in, I was looking at what the people were like in the age of Noah.

My clue to look at that in this time is ,Luke 17:26, Mathew 24:27, They both say that as in the days of Noah, so shall end be. Yes these people were marrying and having families.

Paul tells me in 2 Thesolonians what I should be looking for in the time of Noah, the falling away. Hebrews 6:6 also gives me what the falling is in Christ. 1 timothy4:1 parallels specifically into the wickedness of the people in Noah’s time prior to the flood.

According to the Jewish historian Josephus Antiquity of the Jews; He states that Noe (Noah) was the eighth generation of Adam. For seven generations the male descents of Adam from Seth, governed the people. They were teachers. They taught men and woman about God. During the seven generations they honored God with sacrifices, and were just to their fellow men. They had virtue, they abided in God.

In Noah’s time the 8th generation, there was a huge population boom. Knowledge was increased. These men had confidence in their intellectual skills, and ability to prosper with goods from the earth. They had pride in their own ability. They held God in contempt.

There was a turn from their fore fathers ways, serving god, and turned toward their own will. They made God their enemy. Became as it says perverse, twice as wicked, twice as corrupt. Their dealings with fellow men were unjust, wicked and perverse. Evil dwelled with them. Evil angels knowing the promise of seed Jesus was coming tried to stop it by co mingling with daughters of men. They were seduced by these evil spirits who taught them, to worship omens, idols, and sorcery.

They no longer would endure sound teaching. No repentence. Noah tried to persuade them to repent and turn back to God. They would not. Love went cold to God and fellow Man. Like in Hebrews 6;6 in our day there is a constant and continual turn to do evil, and follow after it. God in Genesis is grieved by this, how long can his spirit dwell with man.

Note these people grew up with their fathers, knowing God, seeing and tasting he was good. That is important to note according to the account in Josephus the Jewish Historian. They knew, but turned away. So it parallels our church age, and New Testament Hebrews 6:6, they also knew truth and love. In Noah’s time there is a change and the spirit of God is grieved. We know this because in Genesis it mentions,that God is grieved by his creation.

In hebrews it talks about the people making a change away from the Lord, an evil turn and constantly bring Jesus to shame. The spirit is grieved away, from this falling away.So in Noah’s time they knew God, became hard of heart prideful in their own wisdom and ability to acquire goods. They ran to do evil. In Hebrews they know Jesus turn away, in continual state to do evil, and falling away from the gift. So the Holy Spirit is grieved and departs from them.

Noah knew God, knew his name. He was weak,because this generation of people were like giants in power, violence, and their evil. So fearing for his life, according to Josephus Historian account, he went to another area to live. God had him build the arc. Gave him a promise to act on of his deliverance, and saved him and his family from the wrath, that was coming for these men and women. Remember fallen angels married and took the wives they had children.

In our time Timothy 1 4:1 says that they will be seduced by evil spirits and follow after them. We do see this, currently. Population explosion, increased knowledge, love gone cold, believing a lie, and ears that won’t hear the truth.In this time these fallen angels won’t marry, they just seduce. The Philadelphia church is weak very little strength and like Noah, we are afraid, and trying to find a place to dwell to have some peace.

The people today, have confidence like in Noah’s time in their own strength, to acquire money and goods. Knowledge has been increased and a population explosion. This is all definitely happening. They were doubly wicked, double corrupt, imagining evil in their hearts and doing it with force violence. That’s why church Philadelphia feels weak. So did Noah.

For us our ark is built we have the full armor of God and Jesus is our ark.Jesus already conquered all things.Hold onto it, and don’t let go. Our promise is even better. Like Noah we will be delivered from the wrath in the end times. We are not appointed to wrath. Hang onto to this daily.

God bless you


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