UN Envoy Meets with Assad

Bashar_al-AssadUN Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura met with Assad a few days ago to discuss implementation of a UN plan. I dont know what this UN Plan is,
but part of it is for a truce. According to the report Assad met with this envoy and agreed to freeze fighting in Alepo. Who knows how long the agreement will last.
The main point is President Bashar Assad agreed to it.

The article also talks about de Mistura meeting with Syrian Officials in Damascus. These meetings were done behind closed doors.

So some deal is being made,behind the scenes. My guess is that they are getting ready for an interim government. In the next weeks we can watch and see how this deal, is played out.
The Syrian Envoy is alsomeeting with the opposition, and its says he traveled to Homs.It would be very interesting to know what deal is being proposed to both sides.

Article Here

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