A ‘moderate axis’ after summit in Jordan

King Abdullah II public domianAccording to the reports King Abdullah II, Egyptian President and Netanyahu, met and held discussions. Senator John Kerry also met with them, discussing the ongoing stance against Iran’s nuclear weapon.

King Abdullah of Jordan also discussed his custodianship of Temple Mount, with Netanyahu, and the Egyptian President. There has been unrest, and more intensified rioting at Temple Mount. Basically he is just letting everyone know, that he is the custodian, all things concerning Temple Mount must go through him first.

It sounds like there were some behind the scenes talks going on. The article doesn’t say what the other issues were. We can speculate, that they are discussing the peace in the area, going over King of Jordan’s role,

A few months ago. The Muslim brotherhood,along with Abbas met in Cairo. They talked about peace in the region, Egypt, made a stance that they also wanted to help in the peace process. I speculate that maybe part of what is going on here.

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