Untangling The Middle East

imageFound this article today. Basically the article maps out the relationships each country has with the Middle East players,
and the Islamic state.

The article is mostly connecting the dots, with a map showing, the Ties for example Russia is shown as a strong backer for Assad. Russia has a naval base on the meditereanean coast, and they point out, that Russia, fears a Syrian collapse. The reason they are so concerned, is because, they fear a Chechen terrorist revolt.

The reason I find it important is because it establishes the different power structures, that European countries, support, and why they will need to be uprooted. Although the article is more about the ISIS threat, I see it with different eyes in terms of Daniel’s landscape, and Revelation 13 on this beast.

Iran for example backs the Assad government,while Turkey opposes it. Despite the sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program,Turkey maintains a strong trade alliance with them.Iran also helps Syrian army fight the rebels. They also back Iraq. look at the map, the vested interests. You can actually see things changing. The Greeks believed that whenever there were eclipses, like we have seen with the blood moons, it means there were will be changes, with world power structures uproots of rulers , and new territorial changes on the map. I tend to think that’s very true.

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