Rabbi Roy Neuberger Interview Series 1-7-09


Rabbi Roy Neuberger Interview Series

imageInterview with Rabbi Roy Neuberger Author “2020 Vision” and “From Sinai to Central Park” and “Worldstorm”. On Today’s show Neuberger talks about redemption,the destruction of the second temple, and the exile. He discusses the history of the Jewish people, from Moses to the current coming of the Messiah. He talks about the prophecy of the division of Israel.

The conditions of exile are not over, and that it won’t be over until the building of the third temple and the Messiah comes. Neuberger talks about how God takes care of us.He is calling on the people to come back to G-d and become close to him. The month of Nisan, is the month of redemption. He brings us up to date on the Jewish calendar, which at that time was the year 5768. A very interesting discussion, and it will move your faith.

God Bless you always

Brother Sal