Jordan Pushing UN Resolution Mideast Peace

King Abdullah II JordanKing Abdullah in early December, put in a bid to the UN to add pressure, for a final Palestinian Israel peace deal. This gives us the picture of the International pressure that is building for a forced peace.

The Jordan Ambassador was going to meet with representatives from the other Arab countries. It sounds like the Ambassador was going to report back to the King, where the other Arab countries, stood, on the Israel peace treaty, and find out what the stumbling blocks are.

It also states that France is helping to persuade their European colleagues on this peace deal. Sweden has taken the step to recognize a Palestinian state, and Denmark is scheduled to take a vote on it.

The Jordan Ambassador is working to get everyone on board. The European nations are working on their own draft, on the peace treaty deadline. She is hoping to get them all on board by Christmas or January. There have been stumbling blocks and stalling each side. It sounds like the US, France and the European World powers, are coming to consensus to just get the deal done.

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