Iran says Nuclear Talks set January 15

PS+1 According to reports Iran is scheduled to hold talks in Geneva during January with six world powers. The meeting will be negotiated by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The world powers known as PS+1, that he will be meeting with are, The U.S., Great Britian, France, China, and Russia.

The Iranian Foreign Minister has said, that they will agree, and comply, within reason. They are looking for the six world powers to lift the current sanctions. Last year, sanctions were placed on Iran. It’s more of shove, politically, on Iran.

Iran is going to stand firm, on lifting these sanctions. The Iranian Minister, is letting the PS+1 know, that they will only comply, if they find the terms reasonable. Basically, I really don’t think, these low level talks will go very far. The sanctions from last year, did accomplish, their goal, of bringing Iran to low level talks, on its Nuclear program.

The talks won’t get very far. The Iranian negotiated, has already given the answer to the talks. Iran has a strong firm stance, the Nuclear program, will stay in place. The Foriegn Minister will listen to the proposals. The world powers will probably add more sanctions on Iran, to bring them back to the negotiating table. We will see what happens in January.

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