Prime Minister Turkey Talks Invading Jerusalem

imageThe Prime Minister of Turkey,met in the city of his birth, Kona. The report states that the Hamas leader, gave praise to Turkey as the head of the Muslim world, for their coming invasion of Jerusalem.

The Hamas leader Marshal, told the roaring crowd, that Turkey was the one in 1980 that defended Jerusalem. How they also defended the holy shrine at that time. Now the Hamas leader proclaims, that Turkey, will turn against them, and take back the Holy shrine. Reports

Ahmet Davutoglu, Erdogan’s right hand man, is seen instantly clapping in jubilation at such affirmations the moment Khalid Mashal spoke of conquering Jerusalem with the crowds waiving flags that stem from the Turkish favorite colors in which the Ottomans prided themselves with the “fiery red, hyacinth blue, and sulfur yellow” (Revelation 9:17) which are also the colors of the flags the neo-Ottomans like to carry. In every time one can see Davutoğlu, he is smiling in joy.

Shoebat Article Here

We have been looking for the rise of Turkey. The blood moons, have come on time, during Jewish feasts. The blood moons coming on those set times,were a warning that trouble was coming for Israel, and the jewish people. This certainly full fills the warning. Turkey helped Israel, but now they are turning on them. A rumor of a coming war over Jerusalem and the Holy Temple, for a coming World War. It doesn’t get anymore exciting than this to see God full filling his word.

We know peace comes first. The Ottoman Empire is rising up, going back to the Book of Daniel landscape.