British PM Cameron To meet with President Obama Next Week

British PM Cameron, President ObamaBritish Prime Minister David Cameron is scheduled to meet with President Obama at the White House. According to the report they will be talking about Iran, The Islamic State counterterrorism, Ebola ,Russia and the Ukriane.

Iran is scheduled to meet in Geneva on the 15th, to talk about their Nuclear facility. So it’s no surprise that the British PM would meet with Obama, to discuss Iran. They don’t seem to be concerned with Al-Qaeda in spite of the recent reports.

Iranian leaders have already stated that they will negotiate on the Nukes, if it’s in their best interest. Mostly Iran wants the Sanctions lifted. So who knows what Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama’s strategy is on Iran. It doesn’t sound like Iran is looking to negotiate, they just want some sanctions lifted.

The Islamic State has been moving at the speed of a leopard, as it moves through the Middle East. Some reports say that the U.S is funding Iran militants with weapons to fight IS. Who know’s what they are really discussing.

There are concerns about Syria also having a Nuclear facility. That also maybe something they are talking about, as Syria is in the midst of a civil war. Supposedly Russia is working on discussing a peace term with them. So keep watching, and we will see what happens on January 15th.

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