ISIS Gains more of Syria,

Flag Islamic StateThe Islamic State is gaining more speed, and territory. According to reports one third of Syria, is under its control. In spite of the US led air strikes, they continue to conquer and hold their ground.

In November of this past year the Libyan City of Darna swore it’s allegiance to the Islamic State. A spokesman for The Pentagon states that, we have slowed down their momentum. The report goes on to state that the town of Kobani is not under their control. The U.S. Officials report that Iraq is not under ISIS control. The U.S has been successful in slowing them down, and keeping them out of Iraq.

{Special Note The Black Flag, means The punishment. Was the signal flag of the army that went with the Prophet Mohamed.}

Saudi Arabia isn’t taking any chances, and is currently building, a Great Wall to keep IS out. For how long? As reports of terror threats hit Europe, we know we will see more wars. Recently an Ohio man, who is suspected of ISIS ties, was arrested for a pipe bomb plot on the Capital.

It comes down to understanding what the rise of the Caliphate means. Joel Richardson, author of “Anti Christ of Islam” says the Caliph is the Muslim Pope, General, and President head all rolled into one. That’s quite a combination of offices. The Muslim Hadith traditions sacred sayings, declare, that all Muslims must make a mandatory allegiance to the Caliphate. If they don’t they will die a death of a jahiliyya muslim, or non Muslim and be treated like one.

So we can gather insight that others will swear their allegiance. The meaning to the world on this is the Rise of Islam as the new Kingdom. As signal in their end times for the coming Mahdi.

Read more, Reference article links here, The Daily Beast Click on the Map in the article to see how much territory they have conquered.

The New Calpihate What it Means to the World

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