Sunday Gathering 5-24-15

imageOn today’s broadcast Tony and I discussed IS and the ramifications of the taking of Ramadi and a weapons cache abandoned by the Iraqi forces as they fled. Among the weapons were 3 to 6 M1-A1 Abram tanks. From nowhere to here is 6 months. What’s next? It’s an important and fascinating discussion and I think you will find it very provocative and interesting, so don’t miss it.

God bless you always,

Brother Sal & Tony

PS We’d like to hear from you. Let us know what you’re thinking about and what concerns you the most. I think it’s time to ‘shake and wake each other’ into a more real awareness of the lateness of the hour. Thank you

Like to see you at the On Line Bible Study. Good stuff going on there. Tune in and let us know. Thanks