yria, Russia, China, ISIS, and WW3 . . . Connecting the Dots 7 Sunday Gathering 1-17-16

Defeating ISIS runs through Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Saudi Arabia . Russia is on the move in Syria, bombing United States sponsored Rebels instead of ISIS. Today’s news says that Iran is sending in ground troops, while Putin is invited to help out in Iraq.

It looks like the foundation is being laid for WW3, If you miss this show you won’t see how the dots are connecting. In the mean time, Obama can’t make up his mind and says that Putin’s Mideast actions are coming from weakness.

Online Bible Study End Times Landscape 5-27-15

In this discussion we change course a little to study the American landscape of late to see if we can discover the path the world is taking to fulfill these end time prophecies, and how far along the ‘plan’ has proceeded. It’s very interesting and provocative, so don’t miss a word of it.

ISIS Leader Armed & Funded by U.S

King of Jordan Battle with ISIS WW3

imageKing Abdullah of Jordan, is calling his battle with ISIS World War III. According this report he is sending out an urgent call to all religions to join the fight against the Islamic State.

His statements remind me of the scripture in the book of Daniel 7:8 “I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.”

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King of Jordan UN, FM Pivotal Peace & Stability

Foreign Minister of JordanNasser Judeh

Foreign Minister of JordanNasser Judeh

The Foreign Minister of Jordan met with UN representative of Iraq. They discussed regional efforts, against terrorism. Also discussed efforts to help stabilize Iraq, from the war.

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ISIS Gains more of Syria,

Flag Islamic StateThe Islamic State is gaining more speed, and territory. According to reports one third of Syria, is under its control. In spite of the US led air strikes, they continue to conquer and hold their ground.

In November of this past year the Libyan City of Darna swore it’s allegiance to the Islamic State. A spokesman for The Pentagon states that, we have slowed down their momentum. The report goes on to state that the town of Kobani is not under their control. The U.S. Officials report that Iraq is not under ISIS control. The U.S has been successful in slowing them down, and keeping them out of Iraq.

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Iran Syrian Crisis Prelude Coming Mahdi

Public domain This article was written in 2013. He is talking about the end times, and signs for the coming Islamic Messiah. According to this article these signs lead up to theMuslim world domination. What are these signs they are looking for, for their Mahdhi?

He states that based on hadiths and the descendants of Muhammad, the current Syrian Revolution we are seeing in the news, is a signal for the beginning of the coming Mahdi. There certainly is a civil war going on there now. At the time he was writing this we didn’t have the Islamic state, rising to claim it was the Caliphate.

We can understand why their rise to power was so important. Some did give their allegiance to them. Now we can clearly see why they were renounced publicly by certain faction powers, as a false Caliphate.

They are to swear an oath essentially to follow them. The black flags and their meanings become more important as we watch their end time prophecy come to pass. The Mahdi will reign for seven years. Sound familiar?

Iran he states is ruled by the Shites with an Iran fist. They are going to use their Nuclear weaponry as a means to begin Armageddon. This is all according to their signs and awareness to the time they are in.

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British PM Cameron To meet with President Obama Next Week

British PM Cameron, President ObamaBritish Prime Minister David Cameron is scheduled to meet with President Obama at the White House. According to the report they will be talking about Iran, The Islamic State counterterrorism, Ebola ,Russia and the Ukriane.

Iran is scheduled to meet in Geneva on the 15th, to talk about their Nuclear facility. So it’s no surprise that the British PM would meet with Obama, to discuss Iran. They don’t seem to be concerned with Al-Qaeda in spite of the recent reports.
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British Intel Chief Warns Of Mass Terror Attacks in West

Andrew  ParkerSpy agents from the US and Europe are concerned about the al-Qaeda militants from Pakistan, that are in Syria. They are worried that a big plot for an attack in the west is coming.

These reports come on the heels of the recent attack in Paris on a cartoon columnist. The various reports talk about these violent cell groups, spread over Europe and the U.S.

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Prime Minister Turkey Talks Invading Jerusalem

imageThe Prime Minister of Turkey,met in the city of his birth, Kona. The report states that the Hamas leader, gave praise to Turkey as the head of the Muslim world, for their coming invasion of Jerusalem.

The Hamas leader Marshal, told the roaring crowd, that Turkey was the one in 1980 that defended Jerusalem. How they also defended the holy shrine at that time. Now the Hamas leader proclaims, that Turkey, will turn against them, and take back the Holy shrine. [Read more…]