Perfect Love Casts out Fear Greek Word Study

imageIn 1 John 4:1-18 He is talking about fear. Fear is a spirit but not from God. God is not the author of Fear or confusion. He is all about truth and a sound mind.

Fear comes to me at night time. After praying for illumination on this scripture, I began to overcome the spirit of fear, as this scripture came to life for me in a new way. It’s empowering!
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Charagma Mark of the Beast

Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus

Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus

In the New Testament the word used for Mark of the beast,
Is the Greek word Charagma,spelled Xa/ragma, and it’s pronounced Khar’Agmah.

Charagma was a technical term used for the stamp of the emperor on official documents,and documents of sale. On contracts for buying and selling there was a “Charagma”, seal of the Emperrer and the date. The reference Revelation 13-17.
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Days Of Noah :The Falling Away

imageDue to the time we are in, I was looking at what the people were like in the age of Noah.

My clue to look at that in this time is ,Luke 17:26, Mathew 24:27, They both say that as in the days of Noah, so shall end be. Yes these people were marrying and having families.

Paul tells me in 2 Thesolonians what I should be looking for in the time of Noah, the falling away. Hebrews 6:6 also gives me what the falling is in Christ. 1 timothy4:1 parallels specifically into the wickedness of the people in Noah’s time prior to the flood.

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Jeremiah & The Almond Tree

Almond Tree Flowering

Jeremiah 1:11 sees the rod of the Almond Tree.

He sees the tree with bright pink blossoms and green leaves, A symbol of an early spring rising, out of dreary winter. A hopeful sign. The tree is evergreen, something beautiful to see from your window.

The word used is a Hebrew word (shâkêd) meaning wakening one, or to be wakeful. Also known as a Watcher Tree that hastens to wake, as in prophecy, for Jeremiah.

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