British Intel Chief Warns Of Mass Terror Attacks in West

Andrew  ParkerSpy agents from the US and Europe are concerned about the al-Qaeda militants from Pakistan, that are in Syria. They are worried that a big plot for an attack in the west is coming.

These reports come on the heels of the recent attack in Paris on a cartoon columnist. The various reports talk about these violent cell groups, spread over Europe and the U.S.

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Prime Minister Turkey Talks Invading Jerusalem

imageThe Prime Minister of Turkey,met in the city of his birth, Kona. The report states that the Hamas leader, gave praise to Turkey as the head of the Muslim world, for their coming invasion of Jerusalem.

The Hamas leader Marshal, told the roaring crowd, that Turkey was the one in 1980 that defended Jerusalem. How they also defended the holy shrine at that time. Now the Hamas leader proclaims, that Turkey, will turn against them, and take back the Holy shrine. [Read more…]

Iran says Nuclear Talks set January 15

PS+1 According to reports Iran is scheduled to hold talks in Geneva during January with six world powers. The meeting will be negotiated by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The world powers known as PS+1, that he will be meeting with are, The U.S., Great Britian, France, China, and Russia.

The Iranian Foreign Minister has said, that they will agree, and comply, within reason. They are looking for the six world powers to lift the current sanctions. Last year, sanctions were placed on Iran. It’s more of shove, politically, on Iran.

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World Peace, Draft Plan Build Third Temple

Menorah Third TempleIn July The Temple Institute launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo to raise, $100,000, for draft plan to rebuild the the Third Temple. They plan on building the third Temple to usher in a new era of world peace and harmony, according to the prophecy in the bible. They believe this will get them ready for Middle East peace, because this will be a prayer house for all nations.

The campaign started during Tisha b’Av, which is a time of fasting and mourning for the first and second Temples’ destruction. The campaign ended on September 25th Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year. It also came about during the time of the blood moons, that came on jewish feasts. This was a sign and warning of trouble for Israel and the jewish people.This is also Shemitah year. During this time according to the bible, the farmers are to let the ground lay fallow, debts are released.It’s interesting that all of these events lined up, with the campaign. We know trouble did come, with the rise of the Caliphate, the Islamic State a fulfillment of Revelation 13.

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Updated: UN Vote On Palestinian Statehood Resolution

Saab erekatUpdate The U.S. says this UN Draft resolution, sets arbitrary deadlines for the peace. The U.S. feels this will greatly diminish the peace negations. Abbas is also at the meeting demanding a yes vote, on this draft.

The European countries desire a less restricted time frame. They also feel The Palestinians draft is too harsh. They would like it to be more broad to bring both parties to an agreement.

Netanyahu, is urging the international community to vote against the proposal. Israel will not go with this resolution. They need a vote of a vote of nine security council votes to adopt the resolution. The U.S. would be a deciding factor to veto the resolution.

“The draft resolution calls for the resumption of negotiations to solve all final status issues by no later than 12 months after the adoption of the resolution and ensures the end of the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 will come no later than the end of 2017,” the Palestine Liberation Organization said.

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Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat is working to push the UN Security Council to vote on PA bid for statehood. The political move is calling for Israel to go back to the 1967 borders. The resolution draft will give push the peace negotiates into a 12 month deadline for a final negotiation. The plan is to get Israel to withdraw its borders back to pre 1967 lines, by 2017.

The bid vote is scheduled for Monday or later in the week. Netanyahu is up for reelection as Prime Minister. He isn’t doing well in the polls. So along with this move there maybe a new Prime Minister who will give in to the international political pressure, that is building towards a forced peace. [Read more…]

European Parliament wants Palestinian State

imageOn Wednesday European leaders and lawmakers voted on a resolution,to recognize a Palestinian state. This will be according to the 1967 border regulations. Jerusalem will be the capital for the Palestinian State, and it will also be Israel’s capital. Now we see the international pressure by world powers for a pushed two state solution peace treaty.

In another article King Abdullah II of Jordan wax at the UN, talking with Arab Nations, for the two state solution peace treaty. He went to meet with them, to go over what they wanted in the peace resolution draft, to push for the peace negotiations to start up again. He also spoke with European world rulers and authorities who were putting together their own peace treaty resolution. This news comes just after this took place a few weeks ago.

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Perfect Love Casts out Fear Greek Word Study

imageIn 1 John 4:1-18 He is talking about fear. Fear is a spirit but not from God. God is not the author of Fear or confusion. He is all about truth and a sound mind.

Fear comes to me at night time. After praying for illumination on this scripture, I began to overcome the spirit of fear, as this scripture came to life for me in a new way. It’s empowering!
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Jordan Pushing UN Resolution Mideast Peace

King Abdullah II JordanKing Abdullah in early December, put in a bid to the UN to add pressure, for a final Palestinian Israel peace deal. This gives us the picture of the International pressure that is building for a forced peace.

The Jordan Ambassador was going to meet with representatives from the other Arab countries. It sounds like the Ambassador was going to report back to the King, where the other Arab countries, stood, on the Israel peace treaty, and find out what the stumbling blocks are.

It also states that France is helping to persuade their European colleagues on this peace deal. Sweden has taken the step to recognize a Palestinian state, and Denmark is scheduled to take a vote on it.

The Jordan Ambassador is working to get everyone on board. The European nations are working on their own draft, on the peace treaty deadline. She is hoping to get them all on board by Christmas or January. There have been stumbling blocks and stalling each side. It sounds like the US, France and the European World powers, are coming to consensus to just get the deal done.

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King Abdullah II: Door still open for Middle East peace

King Abdullah II public domianKing Abdullah II Jordan says that the door is still open for Middle East. He even stated that the peace plan John Kerry is working on hasn’t failed yet. The door is open for peace.

He was also very pleased with the latest meeting. This meeting took place, a few weeks ago. He met with John Kerry, Netanyahu, and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. There was a back door deal,because he claims, that it presented a very strong final package. That statement is key, whatever this final package is, he was very pleased with. He further states that any final status solution on the Israeli peace agreement has to do with Jordan.

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Charlie Rose Interview December 5

Charagma Mark of the Beast

Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus

Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus

In the New Testament the word used for Mark of the beast,
Is the Greek word Charagma,spelled Xa/ragma, and it’s pronounced Khar’Agmah.

Charagma was a technical term used for the stamp of the emperor on official documents,and documents of sale. On contracts for buying and selling there was a “Charagma”, seal of the Emperrer and the date. The reference Revelation 13-17.
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