Untangling The Middle East

imageFound this article today. Basically the article maps out the relationships each country has with the Middle East players,
and the Islamic state.

The article is mostly connecting the dots, with a map showing, the Ties for example Russia is shown as a strong backer for Assad. Russia has a naval base on the meditereanean coast, and they point out, that Russia, fears a Syrian collapse. The reason they are so concerned, is because, they fear a Chechen terrorist revolt.

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A ‘moderate axis’ after summit in Jordan

King Abdullah II public domianAccording to the reports King Abdullah II, Egyptian President and Netanyahu, met and held discussions. Senator John Kerry also met with them, discussing the ongoing stance against Iran’s nuclear weapon.

King Abdullah of Jordan also discussed his custodianship of Temple Mount, with Netanyahu, and the Egyptian President. There has been unrest, and more intensified rioting at Temple Mount. Basically he is just letting everyone know, that he is the custodian, all things concerning Temple Mount must go through him first.

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UN Envoy Meets with Assad

Bashar_al-AssadUN Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura met with Assad a few days ago to discuss implementation of a UN plan. I dont know what this UN Plan is,
but part of it is for a truce. According to the report Assad met with this envoy and agreed to freeze fighting in Alepo. Who knows how long the agreement will last.
The main point is President Bashar Assad agreed to it.

The article also talks about de Mistura meeting with Syrian Officials in Damascus. These meetings were done behind closed doors. [Read more…]

Days Of Noah :The Falling Away

imageDue to the time we are in, I was looking at what the people were like in the age of Noah.

My clue to look at that in this time is ,Luke 17:26, Mathew 24:27, They both say that as in the days of Noah, so shall end be. Yes these people were marrying and having families.

Paul tells me in 2 Thesolonians what I should be looking for in the time of Noah, the falling away. Hebrews 6:6 also gives me what the falling is in Christ. 1 timothy4:1 parallels specifically into the wickedness of the people in Noah’s time prior to the flood.

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Jeremiah & The Almond Tree

Almond Tree Flowering

Jeremiah 1:11 sees the rod of the Almond Tree.

He sees the tree with bright pink blossoms and green leaves, A symbol of an early spring rising, out of dreary winter. A hopeful sign. The tree is evergreen, something beautiful to see from your window.

The word used is a Hebrew word (shâkêd) meaning wakening one, or to be wakeful. Also known as a Watcher Tree that hastens to wake, as in prophecy, for Jeremiah.

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Syrian Army Leaders Slaughtered ISIS

imageBreaking News, city of Idlib was almost captured by ISIS. According to reports  IS stormed the city last night, capturing the governor’s office. Many Syrian officers were beheaded.

Assad and his army  almost lost the City of Idlib, to ISIS. By the time his battalion, was sent to take back the city, and the new governor’s office, they had lost over 70 soldiers. ISIS still has control of  Raqqa.  Idlib is between the cities of Aleppo, and Latakia.

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ISIS wins ground from Assad Govt

imageBreaking news, ISIS has taken The territory of Deir Ezzor, From the Syrian government. We haven’t heard much about ISIS conquering territory for two months.

The US air strikes are still going on. The CIA is still working with King Abdullah of Jordan, sharing intelligence information.

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King of Jordan warns against extremism

King Abdullah II public domianThis week the King of Jordan met with parliament members, warning against extremism. According to reports, the King stressed how extremism is going on in Zionism and in Islam. He expressed that this would lead to undermining the peace efforts  with Israel.

He predicted that the war against terror will last from 10 to 15 years. His foreign minister talked about Israeli violations.

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