The Hidden Truth About the Middle East

Israelis hailed King of Jordan as Peacemaker 1996

King Hussien of Jordan 1996Israelis gave King Hussein of Jordan a royal welcome Wednesday, calling his first public visit to Tel Aviv a living testimony to a blossoming peace.

The king, a pilot, flew a Jordanian army helicopter to the Sde Dov air base on the edge of Tel Aviv. He emerged from the cockpit to embrace Prime Minister Shimon Peres. Four Israeli F-15 fighter planes flew over to honor the monarch.

“I cannot remember a time that Israel waited for a visitor with such warm anticipation as it has for you your majesty”, Peres said in his welcoming remarks.

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Rapture: “You can’t know the day or hour”

“ make void the Word of God by your traditions..”(Mat.15:6)

imageJesus spoke directly and clearly to the Pharisees about Tradition and what it causes. He reminded them that even though their intentions seemed honorable to them, good intentions pave the road to Hell. Paraphrasing Mat.23:27, …you’re as the graves on the hill, painted white on the outside, but full of dead men’s bones on the inside….

The subject is the Rapture of the Church, but the Traditions concerning, and surrounding this event have resulted in confusion.

Confusion is a tool the enemy uses to keep you from any truthful understandings or realizations. God reminds us that He is not the author of confusion in ICor.14:33.
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The Players in the peace process

imageNow we must examine if the point in time in which this individual is placed by the story, is our present time.

The first thing we must keep in mind during this study is that these prophecies are all directed at the Jews and their decedents. Throughout scripture, all of the kingdoms referenced are only those who have dealings with or influence over the Jews. This is not a history of the world, but a history of a single people and those who cross paths with them. (Dan9:27)

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Does the Anti Christ Come From Europe?


image It was almost twenty years ago when I heard the teaching on Daniel 2 for the first time, and . .BAM! . . that was it! I was hooked on eschatology.

The interesting part is, my background comes out of Catholicism, where, in my day, the Bible wasn’t read. I had no idea about the prophets, and that there were experts on the subject, I was just plain naive. I always had a love for Jesus since my childhood, but the extent of my knowledge about God was from the Roman Catholic point of view. I went through the Catholic school system including college, where I was taught by the Jesuits, who believe in a whole other matter.
I have always been a free thinker, and so I sought my Bible knowledge from a variety of teachers with varying and diverse lines of thought. Other than the love of Jesus, and acceptance of Him as our Savior, I can’t really find a whole lot that the rest of the Christian world agrees on. Personally, I don’t think it really matters as long as Jesus is kept as the focus we can’t go wrong. And, I’ve always said that opinions are like big toes, everybody’s got a couple of them, but there aren’t any two of them alike.

When it comes to studying the end times, little on earth can compare. Well, at least for me. And one of the things that will go on being argued, till Jesus comes for us, is the so called “restored Roman Empire”.

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The Old Hashemite Kingdom And Palestinian War

Old Hashemite KingdomDuring World War I the Arabs joined the British against the Ottomans. In a revolt of 1916, in which they were assisted by Colonel T.E. Lawrence, the Arabs cut the Hejaz railway. In July 1917 the army of Prince Faysal ibn Husayn (of the Hashemite dynasty) captured al-‘Aqabah, and by October 1918 Amman and Damascus were in Allied hands.

In 1920 the Conference of San Remo (Italy) created two mandates, allotting the one over Palestine to Great Britain and the one over Syria to France. This act effectively separated the area now covered by Israel and Jordan from that of Syria.

In November 1920 Abdullah, Faysal’s brother, arrived in Ma’an, then part of the Hejaz, with 2,000 armed supporters intent on raising the tribes to attack the French, who had forced Faysal to relinquish his newly founded kingdom in Syria. By April 1921, however, the British had prevailed upon Abdullah to take over as ruler of what then became known as Transjordan.

Hashemite LineEffectively, Turkish rule in Transjordan was simply replaced by British rule. The mandate, confirmed by the League of Nations in July 1922, gave the British virtually a free hand in administering the territory, although in September 1922 it was explicitly excluded from the clauses regarding the establishment of “a Jewish national home” and was closed to Jewish immigration.

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The Beast Behind The Anti Christ


imageOnce you understand it, the tie between the beast in Daniel 10 and Revelation 13 and 17 points directly at the identity of the spiritual force behind the ‘little horn’ character that turns a heretofore benevolent ruler into a mighty force the world will have to reckon with. You will never understand the connection if you don’t believe in spiritual forces [demons].

imageYou can’t say you believe in the Bible, and then say you don’t believe in demons. This is not going to be a lesson in demonology, you’ll have to discover their reality from the Bible yourself, or wait until I do an article on the subject. For the purpose of this little adventure of discovery, you’ll just have to take scriptures word on it, and go for the gestalt of the picture that’s painted.
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The Nations Of Ezekiel 38


image“About the Times of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.” Sir Isaac Newton

This Ministry is the foundation of that body of men of whom Sir Isaac Newton spoke. We can make this statement because that is what our Ministry is all about.

We contend that if the story line in Daniel is read literally the drama described therein can be found on today’s stage of history.

To demonstrate the truth of that, the nations of Ezekiel 38 must also be taken literally. When that is the case, you find that Magog, the place where Antichrist comes from, is right in the heart of the territory that Satan has always controlled.
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Teaching Endtimes Antichrist


imageIn the context that is used in scripture, it refers to an end time individual who the Jews mistakenly identify as their worldly deliverer. Mistakenly, because later, he recognizes and seizes an opportunity, that causes him to break the deal he made with them, and turn against them.

The Jews didn’t accept Jesus as their deliverer in His time, because of the way Isaiah 61, verse 2 is read and understood by the Jews.

The following demonstration will de-mystify the entire matter, and open up a whole new world to you.
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The Ten Kings Of The Book of Daniel Prophecy

October 2000 – By Brother Sal Smario

The following is a study of the present day Nations occupying the Biblical landscape of the “end times”, in respect to their relationship with the Biblical timing described in the prophecy of Daniel, in his interpretation of the great image to King Nebuchadnezzar.

The defining verse of the prophecy is clearly 2:28: No one in his kingdom had the ability to state, and then interpret the dream. And Daniel, a Jew, points that out to the King, and begins verse 28 with: BUT, there’s a God in heaven that reveals secrets. And, He’s making it known to the King what’s in store for his kingdom from then, right up to the last days of the Abraham covenant. It’s the God of Abraham that Daniel is bragging about, Jehovah!

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