The Beast Behind The Anti Christ


imageOnce you understand it, the tie between the beast in Daniel 10 and Revelation 13 and 17 points directly at the identity of the spiritual force behind the ‘little horn’ character that turns a heretofore benevolent ruler into a mighty force the world will have to reckon with. You will never understand the connection if you don’t believe in spiritual forces [demons].

imageYou can’t say you believe in the Bible, and then say you don’t believe in demons. This is not going to be a lesson in demonology, you’ll have to discover their reality from the Bible yourself, or wait until I do an article on the subject. For the purpose of this little adventure of discovery, you’ll just have to take scriptures word on it, and go for the gestalt of the picture that’s painted.
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The AntiChrist Explained

Brother Sal’s Sunday Gathering Storehouse 11/16/2014

imageGreetings from Mexico Watchers!

Today Tony and I answered a very important question from a person, who watches from a different perspective, about how Jeremiah 1:14-16 fits into Daniel’s Prophecy. And we also discussed the Mideast, and the Truth of Christianity.

It’s a fascinating discussion and I think you will find it very provocative and interesting, so don’t miss it.

God bless you always,

Brother Sal

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