Rabbi Roy Neuberger Interview 10-14-2008

Rabbi Roy Neuberger Interview Series

imageSpecial guest Rabbi Roy Neuberger Author “2020 Vision”, “From Sinai to Central Park”, “WorldStorm. On this show Rabi Nueberger talks about the New Year, his time in Israel. Ehud Olmert Giving up the dream of
a greater Israel, and the change that has come on Israel, in the world view.

He talks about the border between Israel and Syria “The Golan Heights”. Bible tells us the time of final redemption entire world will see peace, and the presence of God. He talks about this area in terms of prophecy of Israel, and the biblical prophecies are coming to pass. The adversity and persecution is increasing, and how it’s bringing awareness to the time of the final redemption.Psalm 126 is referenced.

God Bless you always

Brother Sal