WW3 Divide & Conquer Connecting the Dots 15 Sunday Gathering 3-13-16

Defeating ISIS runs through Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Jordan and Saudi Arabia .

Russia is on the move in Syria, bombing United States sponsored Rebels instead of ISIS. Today’s news says that Iran is sending in ground troops, while Putin is invited to help out in Iraq.

It looks like the foundation is being laid for WW3, If you miss this show you won’t see how the dots are connecting. In the mean time, Obama can’t make up his mind and says that Putin’s Mideast actions are coming from weakness. There will be endless war til Armageddon. Interesting back engineering ww3.

ISIS Gains more of Syria,

Flag Islamic StateThe Islamic State is gaining more speed, and territory. According to reports one third of Syria, is under its control. In spite of the US led air strikes, they continue to conquer and hold their ground.

In November of this past year the Libyan City of Darna swore it’s allegiance to the Islamic State. A spokesman for The Pentagon states that, we have slowed down their momentum. The report goes on to state that the town of Kobani is not under their control. The U.S. Officials report that Iraq is not under ISIS control. The U.S has been successful in slowing them down, and keeping them out of Iraq.

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