Sunday Gathering At The Storehouse 1/25/2015

imageOn today’s broadcast Tony and I discussed IS (Islamic State) in a little wider perspective which led to some interesting insights; And a message to Christianity that you won’t want to miss. This show is exciting!

It’s an important and fascinating discussion and I think you will find it very provocative and interesting, so don’t miss it.

God bless you always,

Brother Sal & Tony

PS We’d like to hear from you. Let us know what you’re thinking about and what concerns you the most. I think it’s time to ‘shake and wake each other’ into a more real awareness of the lateness of the hour. Thank you

ISIS Gains more of Syria,

Flag Islamic StateThe Islamic State is gaining more speed, and territory. According to reports one third of Syria, is under its control. In spite of the US led air strikes, they continue to conquer and hold their ground.

In November of this past year the Libyan City of Darna swore it’s allegiance to the Islamic State. A spokesman for The Pentagon states that, we have slowed down their momentum. The report goes on to state that the town of Kobani is not under their control. The U.S. Officials report that Iraq is not under ISIS control. The U.S has been successful in slowing them down, and keeping them out of Iraq.

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