European Parliament wants Palestinian State

imageOn Wednesday European leaders and lawmakers voted on a resolution,to recognize a Palestinian state. This will be according to the 1967 border regulations. Jerusalem will be the capital for the Palestinian State, and it will also be Israel’s capital. Now we see the international pressure by world powers for a pushed two state solution peace treaty.

In another article King Abdullah II of Jordan wax at the UN, talking with Arab Nations, for the two state solution peace treaty. He went to meet with them, to go over what they wanted in the peace resolution draft, to push for the peace negotiations to start up again. He also spoke with European world rulers and authorities who were putting together their own peace treaty resolution. This news comes just after this took place a few weeks ago.

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Jordan Pushing UN Resolution Mideast Peace

King Abdullah II JordanKing Abdullah in early December, put in a bid to the UN to add pressure, for a final Palestinian Israel peace deal. This gives us the picture of the International pressure that is building for a forced peace.

The Jordan Ambassador was going to meet with representatives from the other Arab countries. It sounds like the Ambassador was going to report back to the King, where the other Arab countries, stood, on the Israel peace treaty, and find out what the stumbling blocks are.

It also states that France is helping to persuade their European colleagues on this peace deal. Sweden has taken the step to recognize a Palestinian state, and Denmark is scheduled to take a vote on it.

The Jordan Ambassador is working to get everyone on board. The European nations are working on their own draft, on the peace treaty deadline. She is hoping to get them all on board by Christmas or January. There have been stumbling blocks and stalling each side. It sounds like the US, France and the European World powers, are coming to consensus to just get the deal done.

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Mideast Show with Pastor Mark Biltz 6/24/2008


imageGreetings Watchers on Today’s show we have a special guest Pastor Mark Biltz. Part two On the Blood moons and lunar eclipses. Some passages from Joel. The lord set signs in the heavens, blood moons falling on Jewish feasts as a warning, that trouble was coming for Israel.

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Mideast Show With Pastor Mark Biltz 6/16/2008


imageGreetings watchers, today we have a special guest Pastor Mark Biltz. We are talking the blood moons, and the lunar eclipses, and when these blood moons happened in history.

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A ‘moderate axis’ after summit in Jordan

King Abdullah II public domianAccording to the reports King Abdullah II, Egyptian President and Netanyahu, met and held discussions. Senator John Kerry also met with them, discussing the ongoing stance against Iran’s nuclear weapon.

King Abdullah of Jordan also discussed his custodianship of Temple Mount, with Netanyahu, and the Egyptian President. There has been unrest, and more intensified rioting at Temple Mount. Basically he is just letting everyone know, that he is the custodian, all things concerning Temple Mount must go through him first.

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King of Jordan warns against extremism

King Abdullah II public domianThis week the King of Jordan met with parliament members, warning against extremism. According to reports, the King stressed how extremism is going on in Zionism and in Islam. He expressed that this would lead to undermining the peace efforts  with Israel.

He predicted that the war against terror will last from 10 to 15 years. His foreign minister talked about Israeli violations.

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