World Peace, Draft Plan Build Third Temple

Menorah Third TempleIn July The Temple Institute launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo to raise, $100,000, for draft plan to rebuild the the Third Temple. They plan on building the third Temple to usher in a new era of world peace and harmony, according to the prophecy in the bible. They believe this will get them ready for Middle East peace, because this will be a prayer house for all nations.

The campaign started during Tisha b’Av, which is a time of fasting and mourning for the first and second Temples’ destruction. The campaign ended on September 25th Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year. It also came about during the time of the blood moons, that came on jewish feasts. This was a sign and warning of trouble for Israel and the jewish people.This is also Shemitah year. During this time according to the bible, the farmers are to let the ground lay fallow, debts are released.It’s interesting that all of these events lined up, with the campaign. We know trouble did come, with the rise of the Caliphate, the Islamic State a fulfillment of Revelation 13.

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